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A Quick Guide To IV Infusion Therapy

Whether for anti-aging, recovering from stress, or treating serious illnesses, vitamin drips like YouNique IV Infusion Clinic's IV cocktails are legitimate medical procedures. This means they must be performed by a qualified medical professional. Be sure to seek out licensed professionals when considering vitamin drip therapy. Legitimate clinics begin the therapy experience by having a staff member take the client through a brief medical evaluation. Vitamin drips are then selected according to patient needs. The “cocktail” of nutrients will be administered as an intravenous drip, which is generally done via the patient’s forearm or hand. The therapy time ranges between twenty and thirty minutes, depending on the condition being treated. While therapy is being administered, clients can relax and catch up on reading, close their eyes and rest, watch a video on a mobile device, or any other calm activity that can be performed in a quiet, stationary manner.

Before receiving vitamin drip therapy, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water and eat beforehand. This will help prevent feeling faint or dizzy during and after treatment. It is common for clients to experience a “flush” that begins in the chest area and travels through the body. Some patients say they feel a warming sensation in the pelvic area, while others report a metallic tang in the mouth. Still other clients say they experience heightened visual activity. In any of these cases, the sensations are normal regardless if the drip is being administered for anti aging therapy or acute/chronic medical conditions. If at any time you’re unsure about what you’re feeling during the treatment, the medical professional who is administering the drip will be happy to address your concerns.

Recipients of the YouNique IV Infusion Clinic’s cocktail report feelings of energy, perkiness, and pain relief. Even when the therapy isn’t anti aging specific, many patients notice firmer facial tissue and a healthy glow to the skin. Patients who come away from vitamin drip therapy report feeling rested and a positive boost in mood, much like one feels after a vacation. This is why the YouNique IV Infusion Clinic’s cocktails are sometimes called a “vacation-in-a-bag.”

Generally speaking, patients undergo YouNique IV Infusion Clinic infusion treatments once weekly for a period of four weeks. Once this initial regimen is done, therapy is undergone one or two times monthly, depending on the need of the client. Frequency varies according to the advice of the medical professional, client needs, and the symptoms that are present.

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